Guess who’s back, back again…

It’s not Shady this time, it’s me, but feel free to tell a friend.

It’s been a long old while since I posted on here. There’s no grand excuses, no fairytale story of finding peace or grand successes, neither is there a heartbreaking tale to share with you all. I just haven’t done it. There have been times when I wanted to, times when I felt I should, but not once did I pick up my virtual pen and write to myself, and anyone else who happens to stumble across this part of the woods. It is however a new year, and I am sat here now – so here goes…

I am guessing thousands of blogs have already shared their amazing bucket list of New Years resolutions, detailing how enlightened they are going to be come this time next year. Whilst I am not going to do that, I am going to share my resolutions (I prefer to see them as promises to our future selves);

1) Go to the gym / workout 3 times per week on average. I know, how cliched of me. Any of you regular gym goers currently rolling your eyes at the thought of me being one of those guys who uses all the machines / weights you are planning on using, you know, the ones who go a few times in January before never being seen again – that isn’t me… I have been a member at this gym for longer than I care to admit, however my attendance is somewhat sporadic.

2) Be vegan an average of 4 days a week. This isn’t as drastic at it sounds to the hardcore carnivores, and not as wimpy as it sounds to the full time vegans. I have always loved good meat – however the evidence is stacking up to show the negative impact of certain meat on human health, combined with the well documented environmental impact, and I have a moral issue with the slaughter of animals. This is my year of transition.

3) Only drink alcohol an average of 1 day per week. I have blogged about this previously – alcohol is fine in moderation and in certain circumstances, but I have reached a point where I don’t particularly enjoy it anymore, and I certainly struggle with the impact an excessive amount has on my mental health in the days that follow. I don’t want it, I don’t need it, and it has a detrimental impact on my other goals. It’s a no brainer…

4) No drugs. No special occasions. Zero. Zilch.

5) 1 blog post each and every week. That’s not to say I won’t write a couple on some weeks. But a minimum of one post every Sunday. I have already seen how much it can help me process, understand or come to terms with things. Its a chance for me to digest and process my week, and therefore my life. I’ll write about life, love, my wedding, my struggles, my successes, mental health, my journey, progress against these goals. Whatever takes my fancy. Whatever I need to share. Every week. All year. I’m pretty certain no one else reads this, but that’s ok. I am not writing this for anyone but myself. If I can interact with others, or other people find my ramblings interesting or helpful, fantastic! That would be an added bonus, but it certainly isn’t my aim.

6) Reduce debt to under £4,000. I have a lot to save for this year, a lot of money going out… but being sensible I can easily reduce my overall debt to this level. It will mean being frugal at times, more packed lunches and less eating out – but that will support me with my gym efforts and my vegan diet anyhow! Having debt overhanging you is certainly a contributing factor to mental health struggles, and one that I feel gets glossed over too quickly. In the capitalist world we live, money is everything (as I discussed a couple of posts ago). No matter whether we agree in principle with the importance attached to money or not, we are conditioned this way. Debt has a negative impact on our mental health. Let’s do something about it.

7) Quit smoking. Not straight away. It’s going to be the toughest of the lot. I expect it will take a few attempts and a few slip ups, but I have faith in myself.

8) Half way to house deposit. I said I had a lot going on this year with money… as well as the wedding, and reducing my debt, I am also saving with my fiancée for our first house. To give some perspective, that means we need to save between £25-30,000. My wallet just sighed as I typed the figures. Is it an ambitious target? Yes. Is it achievable? I think so… but more than anything it’s a great target. If we get there by the 31st December 2020 then I will be delighted, but so long as we give it a good go and get somewhere close, I will be more than happy.

So there we go. It is a slightly more personal list than I realised when I started, but hey! I set up an anonymous blog to allow myself to be open and honest with you all, and myself. I will review the list each month, and give updates through the year.

I will finish this by wishing anyone reading a very happy New Year! I hope it’s a great one for each of you and your families. I wish you good luck and many successes in the pursuit of your own goals and wishes for the year ahead. Until next time…

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