Life gets in the way

I want to start this post by apologising. First of all to anyone who reads my blog, it’s been rather quiet here over the past month – and for that I truly am sorry. I also want to apologise to myself. I could see and feel the positive impact writing this blog was having on me and my outlook, I realised how much sharing these few words each day was helping, and how great it felt interacting with you guys be it directly or indirectly. Yet despite all that I let life get in the way. Granted I have had a lot on, with work, health, and visiting family, but that’s just the easy excuse, isn’t it…

“Im too busy”.

No one is ever too busy to look after their mental health. Whether you are the CEO of a multi-national corporation, a teacher, or a single parent to triplets, you still have time in each and every day to dedicate to your mental wellbeing.

In reality, the reason I stopped writing was that I scared myself. I was sharing things via this blog, the most personal thoughts and memories, letting the world see my vulnerabilities (by the “world” I am obviously meaning the 5 people who actually read this – props to you 5). It was easier to stop writing and pretend none of this had ever happened than it was to carry on sharing.

Sitting down and writing out your life story, detailing the most challenging moments is an incredibly hard thing to do at times. It’s not easy to pick the virtual pen back up, but then as the saying goes, nothing good in life is free. Maybe that is accurate, but this is a price well worth paying. In fact it’s a bloody bargain.

I am making a promise to myself now, and to you guys;

I will never let life get in the way again. I will continue to share my story each and every day, and I will continue to be there for anyone who needs support and guidance.

So, until tomorrow, folks.

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